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Feline Fashion - Pet Clothes Every Stylish Kitty Should Own

Many of these pets leave the house looking even better than their owners do; however, it is rare to see someone with a cat dressed in pet clothes and looking as nice as a dog. One would hope that this sad trend is due to the sometimes-moody personality of the average cat, rather than some type of fashion discrimination against those of the feline persuasion.

If you are the owner of a chic cat and want to be sure that she has a dream wardrobe, just like those pampered dogs of celebrities, here are a few items that no stylish kitty should be without:

o One Dressy Outfit - You certainly wouldn't head out on a night on the town in your birthday suit, so you shouldn't expect your kitty to, either. Purchase your cat a sharp looking tuxedo shirt, a stunning evening dress or a diamante collar for those evening when nothing else will do.
o T-shirts with a punchy saying - Give your cat a chance to let the world know exactly what she thinks by wearing t-shirts with great catch phrases. Go with a Garfield classic like "I hate Mondays" or choose something a bit more amusing, like "I have issues" or "Mama's Boy." These are perfect for everyday wear or just lounging around the house.
o Cold Weather Gear - On the coldest of winter days, sometimes fur just isn't enough to keep your kitty warm and cozy. Consider investing in a sweater or coat, a scarf and some boots or mittens to keep your best friend from being too chilly when the weather turns bitter.
o Plush, Cozy Bathrobe - Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in a cozy bathrobe and sleeping off a hard day. For those days when the dog has run her up the tree and the mouse got away, be sure that your kitty has her own bathrobe, ready and waiting.

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