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Cat Breeds - British Shorthair

The British Shorthair, sometimes also known as the European Shorthair, is a cat breed of enormous popularity! Resembling a cuddly teddy bear, this charming cat achieved the mantle of most popular in the U.K. when it overtook the Siamese in 1999; quite an achievement!

The lineage of the British Shorthair can be traced back to Roman times; they cross-bred with feral felines and it wasn't until the nineteenth century that they were officially recorded as a species. They were also cross-bred with Persians in an attempt to improve the quality of their coats.

This breed has thick, rich coats with crisp contours, coming in a wide range of colors, including blue, white, cream, black, red, pinkish-grey, deep brown, yellowish brown and fawn. Patternwise, they can either be all of a single color, tabby, tortoiseshell, shaded, colorpoint or bicolor; some have silver and gold tipped markings in their fur. They have rounded, stocky physiques broadly built and well muscled.

The British Shorthair's eyes are broad and circular and red-brown in color. They have wide chests, hips and shoulders, with stubby legs, rounded paws and a rich, opulent looking tail. Male British Shorthair's are larger than the females, weighing in at about 5 -10 kilograms on average; the females and queens can range from 5- 7 kgs.

14 - 20 years is the average age that these felines live to; they are placid by nature with well-rounded, likable personalities and enjoy a quiet type of indoor life. Vocally, they are not normally the noisy types and have a endearing habit of following their owners from room to room to see what is happening.

British Shorthairs are very bright cats yet they are not always fond of being picked up and stroked and will more likely sit beside you rather than on your lap. These are great pets for people who work long hours as they are more than happy to laze around the house and as an added bonus, they are not the sort of cat that maliciously destroys things when bored.

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