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If there is one thing that a lot of cat owners hate about having their feline companions, it is the fact that they sometimes keep them awake at night. Yes, cats can indeed become extremely noisy at night, and can even keep your neighbors awake. If such is the case with your cat, then you should consider getting a cat house for your feline friend.

Do not feel guilty about sending your cat out of your bedroom. This is actually good for your cat because this fosters independence. What's more, your cat will have his own space, which is good because cats are instinctively territorial.

The great thing about getting a cat house is that you have so many options in the market. They come in different designs and shapes, depending on your needs - as well as that of your cat. However, the basic design of the cat house is actually simple. In general, the cat house is cylinder in shape, with circle entrance points that are cut out, revealing the nice cubby space that your cat can occupy. This is where your cat would actually sleep. There is nothing to worry about the physical structure about the cat house because sturdy material or fabric would cover the wood that comprises the house itself. This way, you are sure that your cat house would not break down after a bit of wear and tear. Carpeting is also one of the options you can consider; after all, you would want your cat to be comfortable in his very own house now, wouldn't you?

For the most part, two-tiered cat houses are actually quite popular these days. These houses come with two cubbies. But if you want to get just one house for the many kitties that you have in your home, then you can go for the three-tiered or even the four-tiered houses out in the market. If your cats are not much for jumping around, then you can also choose to get one that is just flat. This way, your cats can just sit inside the house and not do any jumping around.

There are so many shops that you can check out for these cat houses. You can go to your local pet store and you will surely find a lot of options there. If you have Internet at home, then you can browse online pet stores as well. You can also consider getting cat furniture that you can include in the cat house. This can certainly make your cat house quaint in its way.

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