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A Close Look on Siamese Cats

If you consider buying a Siamese cat, or even if you already own one but not quite sure you know everything about this amazing breed, this article is definitely for you...

The Siamese Cat Characteristics

Siamese cats are very sociable
Siamese cats love and need constant attention from humans and they are very affectionate. They will even act to get the attention they want by following you everywhere, sitting on your lap and sleeping beside you at night.

Siamese cats are very jealous
Because Siamese love humans attention and affection, they tend to get jealous when they are not getting any of the above. Siamese are also known for their loyalty to their owners, so they may even have an anger seizure.

Siamese cats are very extrovert
Siamese cats are known for their loud noises they make, it can even sound like human baby cry.

Siamese cats are very intelligent
Siamese cats communicate very good with humans, and don't like to be left alone without presence of a human being.

Are You a Siamese Person?

The first and most important thing you should ask yourself before buying a Siamese cat is: do you have enough time to be at home with your Siamese and to give him the attention he needs?

If you know your job requires a lot of hours of being away from home, a lot of business trips or just frequent vacation trips, a Siamese cat is not the right breed who will be able to match your lifestyle.

If you answered "YES" on the first question, the second thing you should ask yourself is: are you looking for an indoor cat only or not?

Siamese cats, because of their special characters, can not be outdoor cats. They also need to be in warm places, and always seek for warm objects around the house such as lying on the computer or on top of every possible devise that produces heat.

If you answered "YES" on the second question, congratulations! You are now ready for a new Siamese friend.

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