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How The Experts Are Safeguarding Their Treasures From Their Cats

Most cats are not destructive, we only think they are. If he knocks a figurine off a shelf, it is nothing more than playtime for him, but a severe loss to us if it is a priceless heirloom. To safeguard your treasures, try attaching them to the surfaces.

Generally, such things as the table lamp and the curious are kept in the same locations, so fastening them will not ruin your décor, and there are adhesives now available that will not damage the finish on your tables or shelving.

Your cat may engage in unacceptable behavior if you change his routine or leave him alone for a period of time he considers too long. He may ignore you or go about the house unrolling the toilet paper, knocking magazines and knickknacks off every surface, and generally rearranging anything movable if he is really mad at you.

If yours is a working cat on a farm or ranch, he will have to learn to avoid the dangers of livestock and moving vehicles on his own as there is little you can do to help him. Make sure that you keep his vaccinations current and ensure that he has a dry, comfortable place to sleep.

Check with your vet as to what flea preventives are recommended, such as a monthly oral dose or topical treatments. If these are not available, a flea collar may help a little, as will dustings of flea powder on both his body and his bedding.

If your cat is unaltered and goes outdoor, you will need to check him frequently for wounds inflicted by other tomcats. If females have kittens, they should be provided with a secure retreat to protect the young from predators, even their own father may be a threat.

So, if you have an outdoor cat, you should ensure that he is neutered. This will also help to reduce the number of unwanted kittens that are born every year, many of which become feral and pose a threat to wildlife.

An outdoor cat is at risk of flea and worm infestation. You will be fighting a losing battle trying to rid your house of fleas as well, because he will reinfest your home each time he returns.

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