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How the Experts Choose Between an Indoor Or an Outdoor Cat

You will need to consider the type of companionship you want from your cat and where you live and your lifestyle before deciding whether yours should be an indoor or an outdoor cat. As a responsible pet owner, you should decide whether you will let your new cat outdoors before you introduce him into your home.

If you live close to busy streets, it is best to keep your cat strictly indoors for his own safety. However, if you have reasonably large yard or live on a farm, you may prefer to allow the cat the freedom to wander indoors or outdoors, as he chooses.

The choice is yours, but there are certain points to consider before making the decision. If your cat is kept strictly indoors, you can place a carpeted shelf on a windowsill and open the window to give him the benefit of fresh air and sunshine through the safety of a screen.

And he can chatter at the birds as they flit by without harming them. Many indoor or outdoor cats are loving companions, although for their own protection, they must retain many of the wild instincts necessary for survival.

Be aware that your indoor or outdoor cat may bring some of these instincts home. Even if he is neutered, he may still mark his territory every time he enters the house. He does this by spraying against a door, a piece of furniture or even your bed.

Outdoor females, whether intact or spayed, may also engage in this behavior and, occasionally, the totally indoor cat may as well. If you have an enclosed yard, your cat may enjoy spending time outside, but keep in mind that he is not totally safe as he can easily wander out of the yard and other cats can wander in.

The dangers your cat may encounter outdoors range from being attacked by neighboring cats or dogs to being stuck by an automobile. An abscess can result from a cat or dog bite, but it may not be visible until the infection has spread via his bloodstream through much of his body.

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