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How the Experts Choose Cat Litter Pans, Bowls and Saucers and Toys For Their Cats

The size of your cat's litter pan depends on how large she is and if she will be sharing it with any other cats. You can purchase a plastic litter pan at any grocery or pet store. And it is a good idea to have a few disposable cardboard pans on hand.

These are useful for short trips with your cat. Or if you have a friend coming by to take care of her while you are gone, it makes it easier for your friend if the entire litter pan, contents and all, can be thrown out.

Litter pans also come with hoods or are completely enclosed with just a small opening for your cat to enter. The problem with this type of litter pan is that she will very often splash urine against the sides of the enclosure making even more work for you in cleaning not only the pan, but the enclosure as well.

Your cat will need bowls for both water and dry food. She will also need a flat saucer for moist or wet food. If there are other cats in the house, or if you are feeding outdoor cats, a water feeder and a dispenser for dry food are excellent.

These can hold a larger amount of water and food than bowls, and have protective covers to keep the contents fresher and free from dirt and dust. A water feeder is also useful if you are away from home for several hours at a time, because it means your cat will not go thirsty if she knocks it over.

There are many cat toys on the market. Although the best ones have you attached, your cat will need toys for when you are away or too busy to play with her. You can either make your own toys or purchase them.

The stores are full of toys for cats but make sure that any you purchase are free of small attachments. These can come off easily and be accidentally swallowed. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if the toy is safe for a human baby. If not, then it is probably not safe for your cat.

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