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How to Make Sure Your House is a Safe Place For Your Cat to Live In

It is important to provide a safe and comfortable home for your cat. You should take precautions to reduce the number of accidents that could occur in your home, and you must be sure she has her own haven in which to rest.

It is impossible to ensure that your house is totally safe for your cat. Think of her as a toddler and take the same precautions you would with a child. Keep all medicines in a locked cabinet, and keep all your household cleaning agents safely behind a locked or latched door.

When running water into the bathtub, keep the door closed so that she won't fall in. If fully grown, all that will be hurt will be her dignity. If she is a kitten, she may slip and drown. Always keep the toilet lid closed for the same reasons.

Be especially careful when opening the oven door as the aromas of food baking may attract her to jump in. While cooking on the stove, either keep her out of the kitchen or watch her closely. Again the enticing aromas of food may beckon her to jump onto the stove.

Not only can she suffer burns on her feet from a burner still radiating hear, but her tail trailing across a lit burner can singe her hair. Or her face peering nosily into a pan can singe her whiskers.

Your cat will also be attracted to your washer and dryer as they offer excellent sources of warmth to her. She can be very quick and you may think she is safely sleeping elsewhere, but when you close the door to the dryer, she may have already jumped into it. Always check these appliances to make sure they are cat free before turning them on.

If you have a fireplace, make sure that it is tightly screened or that the screen can be fastened securely with hooks. Cats do not seem to fear fire as they should and she may try to lie down nest to a burning log if not kept out.

Before opening any windows, make sure that the screens are securely fastened. A fall to the pavement can be fatal as cats do not always land on their feet, especially if the tumble is unexpected.

When opening outside doors, or even internal ones if there is a cross breeze, use a doorstop. Many a cat has lost part of her tail by having a door slam shut on it.

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