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How the Experts Deal With Cats That Do Not Like to Eat Cat Food

Your cat has the same sensory organs that you do eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, and the organs of touch. But her senses work differently than yours do and a normal healthy cat have a better sense of smell than you have.

In fact, she lives in a much richer world of scent and uses scent to communicate with other cats, to sense danger, to navigate, and to locate prey. Certain smells undoubtedly give her pleasure as well.

On the other hand, you are much better equipped than your cat is to distinguish different flavors. The average person has some 9000 taste buds on the tip, sides, and back of the tongue, 18 times as many as the paltry 475 on your cat's tongue.

So, fragrance plays a much more important role than taste in stimulating your cat's appetite. As she ages, your cat may lose some of her ability to sense smells, and food may lose some of its appeal.

If she becomes finicky about her food as she advances in age, you may be able to revive her appetite by increasing her food's fragrance. You can do this by adding warm water or salt free broth to dry food or by warming wet food slightly, but do not make the water or broth too hot.

Cats with certain medical conditions often benefit from specific dietary changes. Specially designed foods are available that are designed to help cats with a wide variety of health challenges, and your vet may recommend such a food at some point in your feline's life.

Throughout your cat's life, a good quality food is one of the best investments you can make in her health and well being. Your cat is indeed, at least in part, what she eats. Your nose has about 5 million odor sensing cells. Your cat's nose is about 40 times as well equipped, having about 200 million of the odor sensing cells.

During the supposedly humorous photos we see of fat cats, excess weight is no laughing matter. Studies show that obesity is hard on the heart; lungs, pancreas, kidneys, joints and muscles, and it can lower your cat's life expectancy by 30 to 50 percent.

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