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Tips To Solve the Cat Litter Box Problem

If your cat is not using its litter box, it is a very normal experience and almost every cat owner encounters it once in a while. When you have to undergo the unpleasant act of cleaning its pee from outside the box, you really dread and wonder as how to set things right. You will surly not like to face this situation.

You must remember that there are some reasons why this can happen. As for example, your cat may pee outside owing to some medical issue. Another reason can be that you did not train your cat properly as how to use the litter box or it can also be caused if there is some issue with the tray. Your cat may also not use the litter box if it has encountered some bad experience while using it. Emotional or physical stress can also lead to this situation. If you have changed your house recently, your cat may not be familiar with the new place and pee around instead of the litter box. Some older cats also tend not to use the litter box owing to weakness or laziness.

Here are some tips that can help you in this situation:

If you notice change in the toilet habits of your cat, you must take it to the vet since the issue can be pertaining to its health. The possible medical reasons for your cat can be an infection in the urinary track, illnesses like blocked anal glands, worms and parasites, diabetes and tumors. These reasons may be troubling your cat and forcing it to act this way.

Another thing that you need to do is to check out the tray. You must make sure you clean it frequently, at least once or twice a day. Replace the litter and wash the box with warm water and some detergent. In case if you own more than one cat, make sure there is a litter tray for each one of them.

You can also place multiple litter boxes for the convenience of your cat. In case if your cat pees outside the box, you can discourage it by your reaction or place it inside the box repeatedly to teach it the right way.

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