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How the Experts Identify Cats' Misbehavior and How to Solve It

Cats are intelligent animals who can learn to understand the rules of living with people. However, sometimes your well behaved feline may appear to act up for no apparent reason. Getting to the root of the problem and understanding why he is acting out is the best way to correct the unwanted behavior and return harmony to the household.

So, why do cats misbehave? Cats do not misbehave out of spite. They simply do things that seem natural or make sense to them. To correct problem behaviors, the owner must figure out what her cat is trying to communicate and then redirect the unwanted behavior toward an acceptable positive behavior.

With patience and consistent reinforcement, the cat will make the connection and the bad behavior will be changed. No matter what your cat does wrong, never yell at him or hit him because this will not make him correct his mistake. Striking any animal is cruel and will make him distrust you which could lead to more behavioral problems.

To modify your cat's behavior, you must catch him in the act of doing the wrong thing, correct him, and then show him what he should be doing instead. Try to correct the unwanted behavior as soon as you notice it because the longer the habit continues, the harder it will be to break. In time and with enough reinforcement, your cat will learn what you expect of him.

Boredom is a common cause of bad behavior. Usually as soon as a bored pet has his attention redirected, the unwanted behavior stops. Acting out is a lonely cat's way of asking you to pay attention to him.

Schedule regular playtimes with him and give him a lot of attention to alleviate his lack of stimulation. Having fun toys around so that he can amuse himself is another way of keeping him out of trouble.

Any sudden behavior changes in your cat's normal personality should be watched closely. If two or more bad behaviors crop up suddenly, it could be a sign of a medical condition, and he should then be taken to the vet for a physical exam.

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