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How the Experts Solve Cat House Soiling and Cat Spraying - Part 1

So, what are the solutions for cat house soiling or spraying? If your cat refuses to use the litter box, there are several ways to address the problem. First, make sure that every cat in the house has his own litter box. The boxes should be separated far enough from each other so that each cat has a sense of privacy.

If your other cats are using their boxed but one is not, try moving the cat's box to a different room. Other cats in the house may be bullying him when he is trying to use the box, and separating them should solve this problem.

If you have recently switched to a different brand of litter, your cat may not like the scent, type, or feel of it on his paws. This can cause him to avoid using the box. Switching back to the old brand should return everything to normal.

Some cats use the bathtub as their own personal litter box. They may choose to do this because they do not like the litter in the box, because the box is dirty, or because it is the wrong size. To prevent this, leave an inch of water at the bottom of the tub. This will dissuade your cat from using it. Place a clean litter box next to it and your cat will get the idea of where he should go. Close the bathroom door to prevent him from going in, and leave a litter box in front of it or close by. This way, when he wants to use the bathroom, he will find a litter box waiting for him.

If your cat has soiled in another area, clean the area thoroughly with a product designed to remove pet stains. Cats can smell where they have eliminated before and will return to the same spot. If your cat keeps returning to this area, make that spot unappealing. Place wide strips of plastic wrap, double sided tape or aluminum foil there. Cats do not like the feel of it on their feet and will avoid it. Pet supply stores also sell nontoxic cat repellent that can be used to dissuade them from returning to the same place.

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