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How the Experts Teach Cat Tricks During a Cat Training Session

Unlike dogs, cats do not have an innate need to please their owners or obey commands. They have their own reason for doing things. In most cases, they need to be asked or persuaded to do something.

The easiest way to motivate your self interested cat is to make the action worth his while. This is best accomplished with a bribe of some kind, usually food. If you feed your cat on a regular feeding schedule, it will be easier to train him with a food reward.

Schedule your training sessions about an hour before feeding time, when your cat is hungry and he will be an alert student.

So, how do we train a cat? First, but a clicker, which is available from a pet supply store. A clicker is a piece of plastic with a metal tab that makes a loud click sound when pressed. The clicker will help your cat associate the click sound with the completion of the right move and the reward (a treat) that follows.

You also will need to have a small supply of healthy treats on hand to use as rewards. Training your cat to come to his name is a simple trick, and it is a good way to expand your pet's intellect while reinforcing the bond between you.

It will also come in handy if you need to find your cat or want him to come to you. Many owners are surprised to discover that their cat has taught himself to come when called without any formal training sessions.

This is one of the easiest tricks to teach a cat, and it is good foundation for learning other tricks. To teach a cat to come to his name, go into another room and call him. Keep calling until he comes. When he comes, click the clicker. Then praise him and give him the reward.

Repeat the training several times in one room, and then move to different rooms in the house. In time, your cat will learn to come when called because he has associated his name with something pleasant, which is a reward.

You can also train your cat to come when called and then have him go into his carrier. To do this, train him to come to his name and give him his reward inside the carrier. Your cat will associate the carrier with the treat.

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