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The Expert Guide on Solving Cat House Soiling and Cat Spraying

It is not pleasant when a cat suddenly starts leaving messes on the floor or spraying urine on the walls. Owners who are frustrated with house soiling and spraying often punish the cat by rubbing his nose in the mess which only makes the problem worse.

In some cases, the frustrated owner drops the cat off at the animal shelter because she feels that he is out of control. House soiling or spraying is the number one reason why many cats are abandoned at animal shelters.

To figure out why your pet is suddenly misbehaving, you need to understand him. In the wild, male cats mark their territories by spraying trees and other objects with urine so that other cats in the area know who the boss is. Although cats usually bury their feces, a feline who needs to feel dominant will leave his waste uncovered as a way of staking out his territory. It is his way of letting other cats in the area knows that he is the dominant male. Sometimes cats in a household will repeat this unwanted yet natural behavior. Why? There could be several reasons.

Why do cats house soiling or spraying? Sometimes the easiest answer is the most obvious one. Frequently, well behaved cats start spraying or soiling when another cat is introduced into the household. The established cat does what comes naturally and marks his territory to let the newcomer know who rules the roost.

If you have just moved to a new house, your cat may soil or spray because he smells the scent of a previous cat or dog on the carpet or on the walls. Again, he is trying to prove dominance over the other cat's scent.

Unneutered males feel the urge to start marking their territory as they reach sexual maturity. Having your cat neutered should solve this problem. A cat also may start spraying or house soiling because of a medical condition, such as a bladder infection or blockage, or a kidney problem. If a new cat has not been introduced into the household, and your kitty starts spraying or leaving messes, call the veterinarian and schedule a complete physical. It is best to rule out any potential medical condition early.

Litter box problems are a common cause of house soiling and spraying. If the litter box is dirty, if the cat does not like the litter, or if another cat or a person is bothering him while trying to use the box, ht will avoid it and eliminate elsewhere.

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