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How the Experts Treat Their New Cat the First Time at Home

Now the exciting moment has arrived for both you and your kitten. Be aware, though, that he may be a little frightened when you bring him home, so make sure he feels safe and secure, and provide plenty of human company until he has adjusted to his new surroundings.

It is important that you use a carrier to transport your new kitten home as he could easily become frightened by road traffic. Do not try to carry him in your arms because he could either claw his way out or run away or, if you are in the car, he may inadvertently interfere with the brakes or gas pedal.

If a carrier is not provided, you can usually buy an inexpensive cardboard one from a veterinarian or pet shop. When you arrive home with your kitten, confine him to a room (your bedroom will do) along with a litter pan and food and water dishes.

It is not a good idea to shut him away by himself. Kittens will miss their siblings and cry all night if left alone. Even if you want an indoor and outdoor cat, you should never put a kitten outdoors until he is ready.

Always leave a litter pan in the room as you cannot expect him to be brave enough to explore the new and strange house for the first few days. Sometimes he will be far too frightened even to use the litter pan, and may cling to the security of your bed and wet the bedclothes.

This is normal behavior and he will soon remember the purpose of the litter pan.

Where should the new kitten sleep? You can provide your new kitten with a bed, but if he decides he would prefer to sleep elsewhere, there is little you can do about it. Accept it, and make his chosen bed as comfortable as you can.

Always supervise your pets when they are meeting each other for the first time, and before you leave them on their own, be certain that they will not harm each other.

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