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How the Experts Play With Their New Kitten Or Cat

Although you can give your kitten some toys to play with, what he really wants to play with are you. While he is adjusting to his new home, and to life without his mother and siblings, try to spend as much time with him as possible.

Your kitten will need a lot of love and attention, and since he no longer has siblings to play with, he will turn to you. In effect, you will become his sibling and he will wrestle your hand, kick and gently nibbles you.

This is normal behavior and the way in which he burns off excess energy. If his bites become firmer, discourage him by saying no firmly or by blowing softly into his face. Do not pull your hand away too quickly as he may clamp down even harder.

Until he is used to you, do not thrust your hand in his face as you might with a puppy. Hands are large objects and may frighten him. Always talk softly, baby talk is very effective and move slowly. Gentle petting and grooming are called for, and rough housing with him should be done carefully.

Do not turn your new kitten loose with your other pets as soon as he arrives home. His most important needs are to feel secure, ear normally and use his litter pan. When ready, one way to introduce him to other cats and dogs is to put a screen door at the entrance to his room so they can meet each other without being able to fight.

Another method is to set up a temporary cage in a room where other pets can sniff noses with him but cannot have any spats.

If you do not wish to try these methods, then turn him loose in the house after he has had a few days to settle in. See how the other animals accept him. It is normal to have them hissing and spitting at him.

A kitten will not fight, and he is used to his own mother hissing at him and even kicking him away when she has decided he no longer needs to nurse. Your kitten will simply do an about face and walk away.

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