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How to Apply Advantage Flea to Cats

You might have already known by now that the best anti-flea remedy for your cat is Advantage Flea Medicine. Just in case, here are some refreshers for you. Advantage is far different from other flea and tick medicines that you can see online or offline. Advantage's active ingredients do not cause skin irritation and the possibility of losing a lot of fur. Advantage starts to work immediately instead of hours or days and you only need apply little amount either in your pet's shoulder or in places where your little fur ball is used to curl up and around. Advantage is also cheaper but with high quality. Now, do you remember what Advantage flea and tick medicine is? But the other question is, do you know how to apply Advantage flea to cats?

Actually, this product is probably the easiest one to handle and to apply. What you just need to do is to apply a pre-measured dose even just once every month to your pet at the base of their hair or between the shoulders. That way, there is no mess to deal with and it won't leave your pet's hair or fur slimy and all or even greasy.

What's best about Advantage is it will also take care of the root cause, so to speak. Not only will it target fully-grown lice, fleas or ticks, but it will also maim and destroy flea larvae and eggs as well. This product will use your pet as its catalyst to kill fleas everywhere.

Imagine this. You put Advantage on your cat, then, when it starts to roam around the house, curl up a bit in its own bed or in your carpet or anywhere else especially in dark, isolate and warm corners of your humble abode, it will start killing those annoying and health-threatening parasites.

Then, one more important pointer is, you should continue the treatment every month after that even if it's not "flea season" to ensure that fleas can be completely annihilated. It might not be flea season anymore or yet but larvae and eggs are scattered all over and when it's flea season time again, it's back to the old drawing board for you and your cat.

It might be easy to apply Advantage but always remember this is another form of chemical and with that in mind, be sure you are very responsible in handling this kind of product. If you have children around the house, be sure to safely stack it away, away from their sight.

Also try to remind them constantly that they should not play with your pet while it's still under medication as it can be hazardous to human health, too.

One final note, maintaining healthy living and without compromising everybody's health depends on the proper usage or learning how to apply Advantage flea to cats. As a responsible parent and a cat owner at the same, you have to be aware of the precautionary measures especially when you're handling chemicals. Responsible parenthood and "pet ownerhood" is the key to the success of healthy living and flea-free environment.

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