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Loving My Cat Ebony

Cats are great pets to have. They're company to ones soul. Cats are adorable and fun pets. They're like little children. If you spoil them they'll love you forever. They're good companions too. They're some times better having a relationship with humans period,because they're always there when you're down.

Cats are know to soothe the beast in people and can bring the best out in them. Cats are known to heal the soul and make sick and ill people feel so much better. They're very warm and kind. They're genuine. They're very frisky, mysterious and playful. When it comes to food, they can be very picky. Like my cat Ebony, she was a adorable cat. She would always want the fancy can food, over Purina Cat Chow. You see I only gave her the can food when she was good and when I could afford it.

But when I was running low, I would give her the hard food. Then she had the nerve to get an attitude because I wouldn't give her the fancy can food. I guess she had a little snobbish way about her. But still I wouldn't give it to her. When she got hungry enough, she would eat the Cat Chow.She most definitely developed a humanistic attitude. When it came the time for her be be in heat, she was a mess, meowing and hollowing like a cow in heat. she got on my last nerve. I had to find a way to get her spaded. And she would get into all kinds of messes and she would make me so angry, but I like her anyway. My daughter took to my husbands after I told her not to take her, because of my husbands' impatience with animals.

And he was very mean to Ebony, so mean that when Ebony found a way to get out of that house, she flew out of there as fast as she could. Now Ebony wasn't an outdoors cat, as a matter of fact she was afraid of outdoors, but that day she wasn't afraid to go outdoors anymore, Not after my husband traumatized her to death. My daughter come home and gave me the bad news, I was so angry and disappointed, even though she got on my nerves at times.

The cat ran away and never came back. and that was the end of ebony A cat will stay around as long as you treat it good, you mistreat it - it will leave and refuse to return. Cats are faithful and you should be faithful to it. Cats love affection and they like to play and they love attention. I liked Ebony the cat, even though she was a mess. She could be hard and difficult to deal with at times, but I felt comfortable when she was around. I truly believed that Ebony would have been a better cat if she had got spaded. And I would have really enjoyed her. I love cats and they love me. I think that they're great animals. So please adopt a cat today, you'll be glad you did.

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