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Names For Kittens - Choosing the Purr-fect Name

Are you racking your brain trying to come up with just the right name for your new kitten? Choosing names for kittens doesn't have to be difficult. You can choose kittens' names by appearance or personality. If you have several kittens to name at once, you can name them after related pairs or groups. Here are some ideas to help get you started in choosing the purr-fect name for your new cat.

An easy way to name your kitten is to choose a name based on his appearance. For instance, if your kitten is black, you could name him Blackie or Midnight. An orange kitty might be called Rusty or Peaches. Snowball or Sugar are good names for white kittens. If your cat is a striped tabby, you could call him Tiger. Or you might name a calico Patches.

Another way to choose your kitten's name is by her personality. This may take a little longer, because you will have to spend some time getting to know her first. If she is a shy girl, you might call her Violet (for shrinking violet). If you have a cat who zooms around the house at top speed, you could call him Zippy. If your cat is extremely affectionate, you might call him Romeo. If you have a mischievous little guy, you could name him Puck.

If you have just adopted two or more kittens, you can choose the kittens' names in pairs or groups. If you only have two cats, you might call them Salt and Pepper, or Tristan and Isolde. If you have more than two, you might call them Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano, or Wynken, Blynken and Nod. You could also name them after some of the planets, such as Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Or after your favorite drinks, such as Kahlua, Brandy and Amaretto. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

There are so many great potential names for kittens. Your biggest problem may be narrowing down your choices. However, if you start with your kitten's appearance, his personality or a pair or grouping you are familiar with, you may hit on a name you love right away. Just make sure it "feels right," and that you won't be embarrassed calling him if the neighbors should overhear.

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