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How to Train Your Cat - Kittens to Cats

Training your kitten is actually about growing it mature and become rather a trained cat from a juvenile kitten. Training your cat on various things is fun as well as rewarding for you in the long run. It helps you to make into what you dream of it to be and get rid of its wild or bad behaviors which as a matter of fact are natural to all animals. The process of training also provides you with a number of opportunities to learn and observe your cat behaviors.

If you are keen and sharp observer, training your cat can become much easier for you. You can observe its various behaviors and then come up with an innovative plan of action to train it accordingly. What you must always preserve in your mind is to be patient. Every cat is an individual; it has its own habits, abilities and behavior. The conventional training may not always prove to be effective owing to this factor on all cats. You are required to deal with it individually and bring in some innovation when it comes to training it in various respects.

Like all individuals, your cat may learn a few things quickly and may struggle with some. In this case, you should not feel frustrated and try alternates. Say if you expose food to eat whenever it feels like, you may have to change this routine. If you enforce a feeding schedule, it will benefit you in two respects. One, it will enhance the reward-value of the food. Secondly, it will also build some sense of time and routine into your cat's life.

In case if you use food as a part of training and taming, you must schedule the training sessions before every meal. Like all animals, your cat will respond best when hungry and craving for food.
To train your cat, it is advisable to go slowly and steadily and not to overburden it. Start by easier things and then slowly move to the difficult ones. You must also keep in mind that cats do not have a very long attention span and tend to lose interest quickly. For this reason, the best mode of training is to observe short intervals.

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