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Potty Training Your Cat

Potty training your cat is the first thing you need to do once you bring a pet cat in your home. You cannot miss this step at any cost since a little negligence can lead to a lot of mess in your house. A cat may pass urine in any corner of your house; in worst scenarios, it can use the sofa or the bed as a toilet. So it is absolutely essential to potty train it right away. Here are some useful training tips which will help you to train your lovely cat.

To begin with, you need to buy a cat potty training kit. Then place the litter box in your bathroom area near the toilet. You also need to ensure that the lid is not covered. On day one, you should let the box be on the floor. Depending upon if your cat takes this move fairly well, place a box or some books underneath the box to raise it up a few inches.

Keeping in view the adaptability of your cat to this, you may raise it slowly and gradually till it is of the level of the toilet. Also make sure that your cat makes use of the toilet for getting in and out of the box. Once it is in the habit of using the toilet to boost itself up to the box, you should move the box over so that it sits on the toilet; this will also help it to learn as how to jump. You can put aside the litter box if anyone has to use the toilet.

When your cat becomes used to the box being on the toilet, at this point you should remove the box completely. Now you should put its toilet training seat on the toilet and fill the training seat with litter. Every time your cat uses it, you need to clean it. Once your cat is prepared, start removing the rings from its training seat. You will notice that it will eventually have all four paws placed on the toilet seat instead of the training seat.

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