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ScoopFreeT Automatic Cat Litter Box

When my household was a one cat town, I didn't have too much of a problem keeping her litter box clean and shiny and smelling fresh. But when my darling tabby decided to get married and present me with two fur-baby grandchildren, well, the litter box became a great source of distress for my family. We found that coming home after a long day, we were met with some really unpleasant odors and no one wanted near the litter box.

I decided to go down to the local Petsmart and see if there really was such a thing as a scoop free automatic cat litter box. I walked around the cat supply area and was just about ready to give up when I spotted two different scoop free models in the corner. The boxes were pretty big, so I sat on the floor, turning the cartons over and over to read the instructions and refill information I debated over the cost of the items (a pretty hefty $124 on the scoop free model I wanted) and the refills (about $20 a refill). After all consideration of every plus and minus, I chose the ScoopFreeT automatic cat litter box above it's competition, and I have to say, I'm really glad I did! Here's why:

I brought it home and was so pleased to see it didn't take a rocket scientist to put it together. The litter refill is included with the original kit, and it dropped in as easily as they claimed on the box. It is just amazing that the product didn't require a lot of confusing instructions or hassle to get it started.

We plugged the ScoopFreeT automatic cat litter box in, and had it make a run through to even out the litter. The kittens were intrigued and actually jumped in right away, checking it out and eventually taking care of business in it like it had always been there for them. Mama kitty was a little apprehensive, but eventually decided to try it out too. All three cats would peek over the edge after jumping out and watch the rake go across. They seemed mesmerized by the fact that the nasty old dropping disappeared right away. I have to admit, I sat there the first few times with them, awestruck at how well this item really worked.

After about a week and a half, we could tell the litter was on its last legs, so we changed the bottom tray for a new fresh one. Let me tell you, this is so fantastic because you don't touch the box even once, and there is no smell or mess in the ScoopFreeT automatic cat litter box! For three cats, after a week and a half, we opened the lid, pulled out the liner/box, closed the lid on it, and slid in the other one. Right away, the product realigned itself, raking the new litter nice and even and preparing to scoop up at the next potty break.

I personally would like to hug the person who invented this machine! At first I thought it was a little pricey, but at the cashiers, they gave me a $30 discount for being a Petsmart member, and now that I see it really does what it says it will do, I probably would have paid twice the asking price for the ScoopFreeT automatic cat litter box. My cats are happy, my nose is thrilled, and this product shows there are still some companies out there that really deliver what they promise!

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