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Secrets of Bonding With Your Cat

There is no doubt that owning a cat can be a very rewarding and pleasurable experience. This article contains tips and hints to help you to get the best out of your relationship with your pet cat.

First of all, remember that staring directly into a cat's eyes can signal aggression to them. The first step to bonding with your cat is to look into her eyes, then look away whilst blinking slowly. This is how cats show affection to a feline companion or owner, and if done regularly will help the bonding process and help her to trust you.

Pet her often, if she enjoys this. Take the time to find out where she likes being stroked; this is easy as she will purr louder and show signs of pleasure when these areas are being petted. Try under her chin, her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Most cats also enjoy daily grooming, especially if introduced to it at a young age. Always be gentle when grooming and stop when she has had enough.

Make sure you keep to a feeding regime; cats thrive on routine, so feed her at the same time each day and she will love you for it.

Don't try to pick her up unless she likes this, and don't do this when she has just eaten or if she is not in the mood; she may try to struggle free and hurt herself. Never try to restrain her against her wishes.

Never punish her by hitting her; cats can not equate physical punishment as a consequence of their actions. She will become fearful of you instead. Bad behaviour is much more effectively punished by withholding treats (not meals) or by saying 'no' loudly and clearly.

Ensure her needs are met, give her plenty of fuss and show her the respect she deserves, and you will have a happy and healthy cat who thinks the world of you!

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