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Solving Cat Behavior Problems

Cat behavior problems can be a very frustrating situation to deal with. While it can be upsetting to see your cat urinating on furniture or being aggressive towards you, know that there are lots of possible solutions to these problems.

Cat behavior problems are the number one reason why cats are given up by their owners to shelters, it doesn't have to be this way. By learning not only how to solve your cat's problems but why they develop in the first place you can solve them yourself.

Cat litter box issues and arise from many different sources. From not enough litter boxes in a multi-cat household, to too small of a litter box Automated litter boxes can stop a cat from using the litter box as well due to the noise. Also where is your litter box placed? Is it too near the washer and dryer? These noises can cause a cat to stop using the litter box as well.

Cat aggression problems can be a little harder to deal with than litter box issues. Cat aggression problems can start when they are kittens. Often times kittens who are not raised by their mothers are not very well socialized to other cats, so when you introduce new cats to the house, this can lead to problems. On the other hand kittens raised in exclusion from humans can be overly aggressive or fearful towards us.

By learning not only the solutions, but why cat behavior problems happen you can more quickly solve these issues. Find a good book on cat behavior problems. Then if you still have questions ask your veterinarian.

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