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Cat Urinating on Furniture

Cat behavior problems can be very frustrating to deal with. If your cat is urinating on your furniture or bed you know first hand how upsetting it can be. Whether this problem just started, or you have tried everything without any success, there are still some things to try before giving up.

Before you try to solve your cat's litter box problems, it is important to figure out why your cat is having these problems in the first place. Often by just answering the question of why, the solution to the problem becomes obvious.

Cats most often urinate outside the litter box because of stress issues. These issues could range from new people in the house to new pets in the house. Even something like a change in the household routine can add stress to a cat's life.

Cats are creatures of habit, and any change, no matter how small can add stress to their lives. Different cats deal with stress in different ways. The two main ways cats express their stress is through either aggression like biting, or through urinating and marking your bed or furniture.

Try to figure out if there was a stressful event recently that would cause your cat to act out like this. Has there been any changes in the house lately? Once you have some idea of why your cat is urinating on your furniture, then you can implement some easy solutions to the problem. Find yourself a good book on cat behavior. In it will contain lots of solutions to your cat behavior problems.

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