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Sumari's Choice

I believe, know in fact, that everything in existence has consciousness. Everything in this universe is composed of energy, and as such embraces the vast intelligence of its source.

All beings choose to come here to this Earth, and they choose when to leave it. If it were left up to chance, then everything else would be left up to chance, or luck, or what have you, and then life would be a chaotic mess with no cohesion. Life comes when the time is right for life, and death comes when the time is right for death. This is true for all of life, and so it was true for Sumari.

Sumari, small and thin like her namesake: the family of Sumari, also affectionately known as "wild and crazy micro kitty" or simply "baby girl" is just a cat. Or cat in physical form, filled with the consciousness of the many versions of life as she chooses. Who knows the inner mind or "soul" or aspect personality of the cat? We identify the physical body as the only tangible evidence of the existence of our beloved pet, yet there is much more. That I can assure you.

Sumari came home one Sunday morning with a glint of fear in her eyes, heavy breathing, mouth slightly open, and clearly not wanting to be touched. Unusual for this sweet, loving little kitty. By Monday she looked quite ill, and had consumed neither food nor water.

By Tuesday it seemed inevitable that she would die, at only a year and a half of life with us. We told her we loved her. We told her that we wanted her to live because we loved her so much, but we also told her that if she wanted to die we loved her enough to let her make that choice. It was her choice, of that I was sure.

I did try to research her symptoms and figure out what I could do to help, but nothing seemed to fit. I also believe in the body's ability to heal itself, if supplied with the proper nutrients and freed of the usual environmental poisons which inhibit healing. I do not believe the body can be drugged into health, and so my only therapies were love, EFT and a drop of water in her mouth when I could. (Go to Gary Craig's EFT site to learn EFT, and surrogate EFT for others). I used "surrogate" EFT, imagining my self to be Sumari and tapping on whatever I could come up with to help her heal.

With her beautiful eyes sunken in, her breath in rasping gasps and her mouth hanging open, death seemed so much more likely than life. She did not want to be touched, and got upset at the feel of just a drop of water on her lips. She remained in this state through Wednesday, no food or water for three days at that point.

Love and EFT were all I could give but even so, the healing began. She moved a bit that night, though with a heart-wrenching feebleness. Thursday, weak and fragile, she caught a moth and ate it. Was the hunter back? The mole-catcher, persistently bringing food to her beloved humans seemed to be making a comeback. And so it was. The death-mask lifted, ever so slowly, and wild and crazy micro kitty emerged from the depths and came back to us. My beautiful baby girl, always the size of a kitten, was back to her talkative, inquisitive self soon enough. Slowly regaining her strength, she had made her choice, and life it was!

A life of play, whether it be hide-and-seek, chase the human, race after the laser pointer or wrestling with the other cats. A life of adventure, climbing to the roof and gracefully soaring to the deck below, or coming in the window on the most daring of whims, or climbing trees and making her way back down without a hint of fear. A life of love, purring contentedly, talking and snuggling, my Sumari is back. The hunter, though, is not. No more gleefully toying with dead things, bringing lunch to the family. I don't know why, and she's not telling.

Sumari chose life, and for that we are thankful.

Rebecca Jablonski

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