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The Diva and the Old Man

Finally! After a year of hissing, spitting, flying fur and the usual screeches & growls, my two cats have decided upon a cease fire: they are happily lying together on the couch for the first time ever. It's nice to see that patience, a lot of treats, and simple room size economics can make the worst of enemies into the best of friends.

When I first brought Tedi, the Diva, into my home, she was a young breeder cat that had been in a home with multiple cats before. I never expected her to turn into this devil cat who chased, harassed, and basically stalked my older Somali, the Old Man, as soon as I let her out of the cage.

It took some time, a lot of patience on my part, and learning how to pet them both at the same time (brushing them both at the same time is a skill I have yet to master - but that would make my life a whole lot easier) but they are now in a comfortable place where they can sleep on the same couch, not touching mind you, but pretty darn close to each other with no issues.

Bringing two unrelated cats together with no issues is something of a risk. I had first bought 'baby gates' to keep them separated in two rooms through a doorway. Tedi took one look at the 3 inch gap at the top of the gates & scaled it immediately! Baby gates went back to the store. I then tried keeping them in seperater rooms with the door shut - this only lead to her thinking that this room was 'hers' and that room was 'his' and when they switched - well lets just say I need a lot of papertowels to clean up the 'marking my territory' actions. Finally, I decided that the weekend I was home for three days to just 'let them have at it' (which everyone tells you NOT to do) but after some initial growling, chasing, high ground posturing and batting back & forth of paws they did seem to settle into an uneasy truce. The real test was when I put the food down - no fighting! Progress! So now, after 2 years, they are gettign closer & closer, able to eat off the same plate, but still not touching when they lie on the sofa but progress is progress.

Hopefully, with more work on my part, I can convince them that they are best buddies!

Alison Jones

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