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How to Feed Your Cat Properly - Making Sure That Your Cat Gets the Vital Nutrients

Did you know that you should be checking the labels on the food that you bring home to your cat also? It is true not all cat foods are created equal. When you are in the pet food isle one of your first instincts is to go for what every is the cheapest or on sale, I mean after all it is all the same right? Take the time to look at the labels, a cat just like human needs to have a diet that will ensure them a long healthy life. It may cost a little more but a general rule of thumb is that the more expensive brands actually are healthier for your cat.

Cats Are Cozy

The Cat is a creature of comfort. They are not ashamed to admit they like to be pampered and cozy. The same goes for the feeding process. Put your cats bowl somewhere quiet and clean. As far away from normal foot traffic as possible.

The cat will eat better if it is relaxed and undisturbed. Make sure that you clean out your cat's feeding dish after ever meal. Be sure to keep the area around the dish clean also (this is more easily achieved if you place the bowl down on a piece of newspaper that can be replaced at the end of each feeding.

Felines do not drink as much as other animals, this is completely normal for them, it is important that you always have a fresh supply of water in their bowls, giving them new with each meal.

The Cat Will Eat Until It Is Full

Unlike a dog, a cat will eat until they are full and then they will stop. This makes feeding a cat a little less complicated. A general rule for cat nutrition is that they will be healthier if their diet is filled with both dry and wet cat food. Since unlike most animals a cat doesn't drink my water, the wet food keeps them from reaching dehydration.

You can decide how much wet cat food that your pet will need by determining how active she is. If your cat is constantly on the move, and an adventure seeker than they will need more wet food than their counterpart that spends most of their time lying around the house. It is safe to always have dry food ready and available in their bowls constantly.

If after reading this you have discovered that the food that you are currently feeding your cat is not healthy you are now faced with the somewhat difficult task of swapping foods. Some cat owners will get lucky and will have no problem with the change at all. Than there are the ones with the finicky cats.

If your cat doesn't take to the new food or refuses to eat it, try mixing a spoon full in with what they eat now. If the cat eats the food with out any trouble, than the next mean up the amount of the new food to two spoons full. Slowly adding more new food should make the cat accept the change without even knows that there is doing it.

Slow is the key word with this. You don't want your cat to realize that you are tricking them. Your cat can not maintain a healthy diet without you. Help them live life to their full potential.

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