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Tips For Feeding Your Kitten

If you are the proud owner of a cute and cuddly little kitten, it is important for you to know how to feed it properly. After all, your kitten has to get proper nutrition now so it can grow up to be strong and healthy.

The Mother's Milk

During the first ten weeks of life, it is essential for your kitten to feed from its mother's milk. During this time period, your kitten will also grow substantially. In fact, most kittens weigh around three ounces at birth and they gain ½ ounce every day. By the time they reach the ten week mark, most kittens weigh around two pounds - that is a full ten times what they weigh when born. If the average human baby were to grow this quickly, he or she would be about 80 pounds when just ten weeks old!

Starting Solids

Once your kitten is three to four weeks old, you can start to introduce solid foods. The kitten's mother's milk should still be the primary food source, but solids should be offered as well. Since your kitten still will not have all of its teeth and will have a tender tummy, you should stick with canned foods when first introducing solids. By the time your kitten reaches ten weeks old, you can start weaning it from its mother milk and feed more and more solids.

After Weaning is Completed

Once your kitten is fully weaned from its mother's milk, it is important for you to maintain a properly balanced diet. This includes providing your kitten with protein, minerals and vitamins. If you are purchasing commercial cat food for your kitten, be sure to purchase food that is specifically formulated for kittens. This way, you can be certain it has the proper nutrition density. Some of the most important nutrients to include in your kitten's diet include:

o Calcium
o Essential fatty acid
o Phosphorus
o Vitamin A
o Vitamin D
o Taurine
o Thiamine
o Zinc

Of course, the food you feed your kitten has to taste good. Otherwise, your kitten may turn up its nose to the food and may not get the proper nutrition. If you take steps to provide your kitten with a variety of different foods, this will also help prevent your kitten from growing into a picky eater.

As your kitten grows older, you should also try to vary the types of foods that you feed to it. Rather than feeding only dry food or only canned food, alternate between the two or offer a bit of each type of food each day. You might also feed dry food to your kitten that has been softened with some warm water in order to make it easier for your kitten to eat it. In addition, feel free to feed your kitten as much as it wants to eat up until it is about eight months old. Your kitten is growing quickly and needs plenty of nutrition to help it grow!

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