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Where is My Cat?

My cat Hermie is missing. I can not figure out why because anytime of the day or night when I call him he usually comes. Usually meowing faintly. We lived in the country on acreage and so there was plenty of places to hunt or to hide if a dog comes in the yard, or chases him up a tree as that has happened a few times. Being an older cat fourteen at that time he was healthy and very alert. Well, at first I thought that the reason he did not come when I called him was because he was to far away and could not hear my voice. So I went about my daily chores. But thinking to myself wondering just he went. So the day passed and my daughter arrived from school. The first thing she said was, where is Hermie?

I replied, I have know idea, he did not come when I called him. She was puzzled too. She threw her books down and ran out the door and I went with her. We went out back and looked around, but did not see him lying in the pile of leaves like he does sometimes. So we took turns calling his name, but after a few minutes, nothing. But we did not give up and between the both of us we kept calling, Hermie. Then we heard a faint cry, both of us just about cried and we knew something was wrong. We kept calling him and the faint cry came closer as we followed the cry, and then the cry was so close and my daughter laid down on the ground and looked under the old shed. There he was, just lying and meowing. My daughter pulled him out and his eyes, gums etc were yellow. She wrapped him in a towel and we brought him to our vet. He said he is near death, and that is what our cats do when they are dying, they go to a quiet place and just die. But it could take a day or maybe more. So he gave him a shot and put him to sleep.

We brought him home and found a place in our flower garden for his resting place. So now when your cat doesn't come home, please do not think that he was poisoned or something. Now you will know. He said, when your cat is dying they find a quiet and safe place to die. It is natures way. This is what I tell anyone who tells me they can not figure out what has happened to their beloved cat. And I know by the look on their faces it calms them when I tell them what happened to me when my fourteen year old cat did not come home letting them know, that nothing bad probably happened. I just wanted to tell anyone who reads this article because as you well know we all have had this happen to us, and if I can just put one persons mind to rest this will make me very happy. This happened 20 years ago and this has stayed with me for all this time. But some good has come out of this because now I share my story with all who are now grieving and you know in your heart, your beloved cat had a great life too.

My name is Beverly Boisen I live in the Adirondacks of New York. I am a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature. This course has given me the opportunity to write for children, adults or just being able to write professionally. I care about people and their pets therefore writing about experiences I have had and having the knowledge of what I am writing is important for all who takes the time to read. I am a field rep for an holistic pet food company and we care about your pet and you should too. By giving them the nutrition they need Also having the resources is very important. My pet site is MYPRETTYSKIN.COM Also giving a donation to the SPCA is a wonderful way to help animals who may not have a chance for a loving home. I give and it makes me feel very good.

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