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How the Experts Feed Their Feline With Homemade Cat Foods

Some cat owners prefer to prepare the meals they serve their feline friends. If you have time to research, plan, shop, and prepare the food, as well as room to store the ingredients, you may prefer to make your cat's food yourself.

Some homemade diets include cooked meats, vegetables, fruits and grains. Others focus on raw ingredients, including meaty chicken and turkey bones, organ meat (liver, kidney, heart, brain, tongue and tripe), and eggs.

You can add grebe leafy vegetables after running them through a food processor or juicer to break down the cellulose. Some people also add one or more of the following: vegetable oils, brewer's yeast, kelp, apple cider vinegar, fruits, raw honey, dairy products (particularly raw goat milk, cottage cheese, and plain yogurt), and small helpings of grains.

The major attraction to homemade diets, whether raw or cooked, is that you know what your cat is eating because you select and prepare the ingredients. Of course, having to select ingredients and prepare your cat's food is also a drawback because of the time required to shop, make the food and clean up.

Proper handling of ingredients, especially meats, is an essential part of preparing homemade pet food. Raw meat and poultry contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning and may also harbor parasites and their eggs and larvae.

These unwelcome critters may endanger not only your cat and other pets, but also you and your human family, so utensils, containers, and work spaces must be kept scrupulously clean. Many people wear plastic gloves when handling raw meat. Whether or not you do, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterward.

Unlike pet food manufacturer, you do not have a full time staff of nutritionist and researches at your disposal, so if you feed your cat a homemade diet, you will have to spend time learning as much as possible about feline nutrition to ensure that you provide all the nutrients your cat needs.

She does not have to eat a fully balanced diet every day, but over several days she needs to take in the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. If not, all your work will be in vain.

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