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The study of cat behavior only comes to people's minds when they are have problems with their cats. Maybe their cat is starting to nip at their toes, or maybe the cat is urinating on their furniture. Whatever brought you to learn more about your cat you will find that these animals are much more complex than dogs.

The number one reason why most cats are given up to shelters by their owners are because of cat behavior problems. Most behavior problems usually fit into two groups. These groups can be divided into are feline aggression and litter box problems.

Most people just want a quick solution to their cat behavior problem, but it important to figure out why it started, and when. By figuring out if there are any triggering events in the house that lead to the problem, a solution can be implemented quicker.

Cat behavior problems often start because of stress in the house. This stress in the house could come from anywhere. A change in the household routine, a new baby, or a new kitten in the house could call trigger a cat problem.

Once you have identified the cause of the problem you can go about putting solutions in place to quickly solve the issue. Remember, it often takes longer to stop a behavior then for the cat to learn it in the first place. Find a great book on solutions to cat behavior problems and use the simple strategies to solve your cat's problems.

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