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STOP Pulling Your Hair Out! Here is How to Handle Cat Etiquette!

Cats are organised creatures, in that they have areas in which to do their duties: Eat, sleep, hunt and play to mention a few. In the following paragraphs I am going to deliver to you a brief outline of some of their etiquette. By having even a small grasp of this you will derive more pleasure from your cat as you have a better understanding of their behaviour. The first of these is territory, so let us have a look there.

This is their area! It a realm that they have established and will defend with vigour. This little patch is used to hunt in, play in, be safe in, and it is kept in good condition to help attract a mate.
Obviously with such a number of uses there is a necessity to ensure that other cats know who it belongs to. This is called marking and it is done by scent. These scent marks all come from a common source: inside the cat but they take many forms.
· Spraying
· Urine
· Scratching
· Rubbing
All of these provide more than mere indicators as to who owns this particular turf. Cats can actually tell the age, sex, and even the health of the cat that left the marker. Pretty important if you are a young Tom cat looking for a mate and you find a young Queen's area. Or vice versa in today's world.

Your cat indeed any cat is a very observant creature and each likes routine in their lives. They will investigate any change to their normally orderly territory. This allows and makes it easier for them to be master/mistress of all they survey.

Cats are incredible vain! There is no getting away from this fact. They clean themselves completely several times a day. There is a routine that a cat generally follows in its cleaning that goes something like this:
· Licking their lips
· Licking the sides of their paws
· Using these wt paws to rub the head, eyes and ears
· Move onto the legs and shoulders
· Next the sides or flanks as they are sometimes called
· From there it is on to the genitals
· Hind quarters (back end)
· Finally the tail

It is possible for a cat to spend anything up to four hours a day doing this. Can you imagine taking a shower for four hours?
They also love to be fed, pampered and played with as the centre of attention. Woe betides anyone that forgets the routine as they will remind you in their own way.

They love their sleep! In fact they can spend as much as 15 hours a day asleep, if only. Someone did a bit of research into cats sleep and discovered that an eight year old cat has only had its eyes open for the equivalent of three years. It has also been recognised that a cat has three different types of sleep:
1. The short cat nap.
2. Long but light sleep.
3. The full on deep sleep.
It is also possible for a cat to alternate between these different types of sleep as well.
Cats love to sleep in a safe area where they can see what is going on around them. This also allows them to be alerted to anything unusual going in their territory as well.

Work hand in hand with your cat to develop these natural instincts and you will have one happy puss. Simply create some safe environments for them that suits their wants and needs. Make them feel wanted and pampered and that they really are part of the household. There in brief you have the outlines of cat etiquette, what it means and how by you recognising it you can have a better more fulfilling relationship with your pet.

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