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3 Ways of Making a House Safe For a Young Kitten Or Cat

Below are the three methods I used to insure that my house was a safe environment for a kitten. The focus on this article is towards preparing for a kitten but it is equally useful when preparing for the arrival of a cat to the household.

1) Windows. Its fairly obvious but unless you are lucky enough to live in a house or a ground floor flat please make sure you keep all windows closed. I once found my second kitten sitting wistfully with his upper body outside of my second story window looking at the road. I managed to coax him back inside but it was a very close thing. Cats are supposed to land on their feet, but please to not take this for granted.

2) Electric cables. Kittens are inquisitive and like to have a good chew. I know it is impossible to keep all wires out of sight from a new kitten but at the very least please insure that all older wires, like those to the television and the phone, are kept hidden or better yet taped up with DIY tape to try and make them unattractive and hard to nibble through. An electric shock will harm or even kill or cat so please take there precautions seriously.

3) Fireplaces. Kittens like to climb and explore so please ensure that all fireplaces are closed up for at least the first year of ownership. Once a cat becomes used to having something boarded up they will assume this will remain unchanged for the rest of their life and more than likely never venture near it again. Depending on your religious beliefs special interest might be enhanced around Christmas time. For these times of year I recommend boarding the fireplace back up to act as a small reminder for that cat in case his interest is heightened.

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