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Part 2 - Discover the Russian Blue Cats and Other Different Cat Breeds

As you will recall from Part 1 of this article the first question asked was; "Are Russian Blue Cats smarter than the other different cat breeds? The truth is many of their breeders and owners believe they are. However, their belief comes from the respect and love they have for their own personal pet . The following information will give you more information, so you can determine if the Russian Blue feline is smarter or not.

Most of the breeders and owners have no scientific data to back up their opinion. They tend to base this opinion on the fact of how loyal the animal is to them. Also it's amazing ability to attune itself to their adopted families moods at a moments notice. Thus leading them to think the animal can read their minds.

In addition the Russian Blue Cats have been known to learn how to open things such as windows and doors. They have also been known to play hide and seek, fetch and other parlor tricks. Again this is a learned behavior on the part of the Archangel Blue. Many of the owners and breeders feel that only this breed is capable of such behavior. Not so!

Frankly, that is a false assumption on their part. A great percentage of the other different cat breeds are intelligent enough to be trained to do the same thing. It all comes down to the patience of the trainer and the willingness of the feline to learn the tricks.

But there is one thing which should be noted about the Russian Blue; it is extremely loyal to its owner and will go to great lengths to please them. As you know cats can be very independent and act just the opposite from what the Archangel Blue does. However, one of the breeds which are very similar to the Russian Blue Cats is the Javanese.

This particular breed is considered to be extremely intelligent and extremely loyal to its master. The Javanese will respond to the mood of their master, by even attempting to communicate with different sounds. Many of the owners and breeders say this form of "talking" is distinctive to what is taking place at the time.

They seem to have the capability to communicate:

o    Pain

o    Contentment

o    Pleasure

o    Anger

o    Fear

o    To get attention

o    and others

As far as intelligence they also are quick learners and have been known to fetch, hide and seek, find hidden objects and other learned behavior.

Now let's compare the Russian Blue with more different cat breeds. How about the American Bobtail for instance?

If you were walking along side a country road and you spied an American Bobtail, your first thought would be; you're looking at a real bobcat. Their most distinguishing characteristic is of course the all natural bob tail. The bob tail, along with the muscular body and haunting eyes of a wild creature, has fooled more than one person.

However, you will find this beautiful creature ready to open its heart to you and your family. This feline loves to ride on your shoulders or catch a cat nap in your lap. One of the things which will blow your mind about the American Bobtail is a wonderful personality and it's adaptability to change.

Even though they look like a cat from the wilds they interact extremely well with children and believe it or not dogs. You will spend many hours watching this little clown like creature entertain you with his antics. Often times this playful little cut up will instigate a game and will continue to pester you until you play along. Because of its high degree of intelligence they are very easy to leash train and teach other tricks.

As you can see the Russian Blue Cats and other different cat breeds have much in common. Each cats owner and breeder say they are the best and the most intelligent. Actually you will find out that the cats have conspired together to keep their loved ones on their toes. Until next time! 

~The Cats

Jan Roos

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