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Buying a Maine Coon Cat

First, make sure that you can afford a Maine Coon Cat. This does not refer to the cost of buying the kitten - this refers to the cost of lifelong care for the animal. First, he needs to see his veterinarian every year for a checkup. An emergency fund also needs to be set up to pay the vet in the event that the animal gets sick. Despite how healthy and strong Maine Coon Cats are, they do still get ill, just like any other animal.

Maine Coon's thrive on special diets designed for their breed. Therefore, it isn't just a question of purchasing food; it is a question of purchasing the right food. Obviously, this food is usually a great deal more expensive than regular food.

Your Maine Coon needs a bed to call his own, with bedding. He also needs a variety of toys to play with. He isn't just having fun - he is staying in good shape. Toys are vital to his overall good health. He will need cat treats to help keep his teeth and gums in good shape, and also to provide extra vitamins and minerals that he needs. Your vet may prescribe additional vitamins as well.

Your Maine Coon needs a good brush, which will need to be replaced about every six months. He will also need medicated shampoo to control fleas, as well as medication to keep the fleas and ticks off of him. He will also need a harness and leash if you will be taking him outdoors.

It is a good idea to invest in a cat tree. Maine Coons are not as adept as climbing up as other breeds of cats, but they will enjoy a well-designed cat tree that allows them to go up - without having to go straight up. They will also be happy with the various hiding places in the cat tree. These cat trees can be expensive.

You will need an animal carrier. Because Maine Coons grow to be large animals, it needs to be one that can accommodate his size. If you don't travel much, don't assume that you won't need the carrier. First, you will need it to take him back and forth to the veterinarian's office. The animal carrier will also come in handy when it isn't safe for the cat to be in the house - such as when you bomb for bugs or steam clean the carpet.

Obviously, you will need a litter box. You can purchase expensive litter boxes or cheap litter boxes, but one thing is certain. All plastic litter boxes have to be thrown out at some point. The plastic often absorbs the odor, and it does become unbearable to live with after a certain point. You will also need fresh litter for the litter box. Litter can be cheap or expensive - but if you don't want to smell anything, you will be willing to pay for the higher quality litter.

Again, before you spend the money to purchase the Maine Coon, understand that this is not the only cost. Maine Coon's live to be between 15 and 21 years, and that's how long you can expect to have ongoing expenses.

A great starting guide for owners of Maine Coon Cats.



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