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Cat Got You Stressed Out - Stress Management Techniques For You and Fluffy

Wondering how to manage stress in cats? Then start by identifying the cause of your cats stress. Chances are you will find that it is rooted in some type of change, especially that which the cat perceives as a threat to its home. A new job or other life event that causes you to change your routine can also trigger cat stress. So can moving to a new home.

Upon closer examination, many cat owners find that the change that came about in a cats life is the very same issue the cat perceives as being a threat to its home. Adding a new family member, whether human or animal  is a perfect example of this double-edged cat stress trigger.

How do you manage stress in cats when a new baby, new job, or new move is inevitable? After all, you can't  stop living your life just so you can keep your kittys life on an even keel! The key here is lessening the effects of the change as much as possible.

If you move, keep the cat litter box, bowls and sleeping quarters in the same areas of the home as they were previously located. Another way to manage stress in cats is to prepare a place where only the cat can get to whenever it senses stress nearby. A high perch like a shelf ,cat tree, or kitty condo helps your cat feel safe.

Some cats that perch along window sills exhibit symptoms of stress when seeing other cats and critters outside. Perceived as a threat to the home, you can easily manage this stress by closing windows or shades or closing curtains.. In multi-cat homes, help manage stress by having separate bowls and litter boxes for each cat.

Vets frequently encounter stressed cats. So if you need more help understanding how to manage stress in cats, talk to the experts. With your cats stress under control, yours likely will come under control also, and you won't have to hide under the sofa.

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