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Cat Safety Collars

Cats get in to all sorts of places, they squeeze through gaps, climb trees and jump over fences. Because they are so active and unlike dogs go outside for long periods of time unsupervised they can get themselves into trouble. Cat collars are often caught in bushes or on fences leaving the cat stranded and vulnerable to the weather and other larger animals.

How do cat owners get around the potential problems posed by cat collars? Obviously a collar is needed to attach an ID tag, it is not possible to leave a cat without a collar. Cat safety collars provide the safety and security of a normal collar but have been developed specifically to release the cat if it was to be snagged whilst out roaming.

Cat safety collars come in two main varieties, the elasticated safety collar and the quick release safety collar. The elasticated cat collar has a section replaced with a strip of elastic. If the cat is caught the collar will stretch over their head releasing them quickly and safely. A quick release cat safety collar on the other hand incorporate a small buckle which, when tugged hard will break completely and release the cat.

Both styles of cat safety collar work well and it is really down to personal preference (the owners, not the cats) which one is chosen. Both styles of cat collar will be perfectly usable once again if found and there is no limit to the amount of times your cat can be safely released from the same collar.

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