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Cat Teeth Care Can Save a Heart!

We all know we need to keep our cat's teeth clean to prevent widespread illness and infections, right? But just how do we do this peacefully, without undue stress on ourselves and our pet?

My cats have been trained since kittens to allow me to gently wipe their teeth with a piece of clean gauze every 2 days.

A neighbor's cat had dental problems that were left untreated because she could not afford it. The pet succumbed to bacterial infection that affected its heart. She was devastated.

Dental disease affects the teeth as well as bloodstream, carrying bacteria throughout the animal's body, which negatively affects its liver, kidneys, heart and lungs.

As a result, I decided to do all I could to ensure that in between annual dental visits I would give the best at home teeth care possible. I never realized dental care for cats is so important.

I knew they wouldn't allow me to use a toothbrush, however small it might be.

Therefore, I began using a dental spray, in its liquid form in an eye dropper, that was much easier to administer. It has no side effects, human grade ingredients and almost tasteless.

It actually dissolves the tartar and keeps their gums healthy. I was desperate to try anything because their tartar build up was phenomenal in such a short time.

They have an annual dental check up. However the build up was always at stage 2 or 3 and would cost me $350 to $500 each. I had to do something to keep the vet bill down.

I had no idea I could buy a product that helped decrease tartar and dental expense.

I don't want to take a chance that my being unable to afford dental care would adversely affect my pets.

There are some dry foods that purport its advantage in assisting to remove tarter. However some cats, like one of mine, cannot eat dry food because of urinary tract issues. So having an alternative available that doesn't require brushing is a definite plus.

In summation, proper teeth care at home can save your cat's heart, kidneys and lungs.

Proper cat dental care is keeping teeth and gums healthy to prevent damage to its vital organs. Check out more solutions

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