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Fleas & Ticks on Your Cat

A Little Backstory On The Cat Flea

Yes, the fleas that make their home on your cats body are actually called "cat fleas." They are the same fleas that sometimes make their homes on a dog's body as well, but they are still officially "cat fleas" no matter where they live as the cat is their primary host.

The Effect Of Cat Fleas On Cats

Just a few fleas probably won't actually do your cat much harm unless they are allergic to them. But unfortuneatly there are rarely just a few cat fleas! Where there are a few there are many more on the way. The worst thing that fleas can do to your cat (along with causing an allergic reaction) is to transmit a disease to them. Among the diseases that can be transmitted are tapeworms.


Ticks are not nearly as common as fleas, and it's a good thing too because they are actually quite a bit more dangerous to your cat's health and also potentially for your health. Ticks are known to harbor many dangerous diseases. Among the dangerous diseases that can be contracted from ticks is Lyme disease & Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Lyme Disease

If the disease is caught early it can be eliminated with antibiotics. But if the disease is left to fester it can become very debilitating.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

This disease does not occur only in the Rocky Mountains. It is a very serious disease and as many as 1 in 20 people who contract this disease die. Obviously with ticks carrying such a dreadful disease it is imperative to keep them off of your cat!

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