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Kittens, Cats and Wildcats!

There is nothing any more heart warming than having your favorite cat curled up in your lap purring gently as you scratch its ears and chin. Second, is having that independent acting feline come up and start rubbing itself between your legs as it purrs lightly.

Cats are great pets, because they can be so cuddly and warm, but then they can also be very easy to manage because they can choose to be very aloof and independent at will. But, it can really get bad when they decide they no longer have to use the litter box even the special self-cleaning litter box you so excitedly purchased. Then when they decide they need to stretch and scratch and its favorite place is the upholstered leg of your wife's favorite sofa.

In fact, cats can really get ornery when they decide to...chewing up house plants and scratching and biting, etc. This is when someone says, "We're going to have to get rid of this cat!" Its ruining our house and our life. Hold on a minute...there is HELP!

Cats really can be trained. Wildcats even can be transformed into kittens. But, you have to either have a trainer come in or learn what to do yourself. I read recently where a lady in Texas found 11 renegade wildcat kittens and transformed them into wonderful house cats. In fact, she has written a book that she guarantees will help you do the same thing or at lease stop your cat's bad behavior. Here is an excerpt from Liz Barton, "The Cat Wrangler" says about her book:

To give these little bandits the best chance at a happy home I had to train them first. So I hit the books with feverish intensity soaking up everything I could find about cat training. After countless hours pouring over encyclopedias of information, after frustrating trial and error, I finally discovered the secrets of cat behavior.
And then... In less than 13 days, those 11 renegade kittens were transformed into well-behaved housecats.

But I didn't stop there.

To this day, I've read and studied more than 100 books and articles about cat behavior, cat health, and cat care...interviewed dozens of vets, animal shelter and adoption center volunteers...and listened to stories of happy cat owners.

For over four years now, almost everyone I know turns to me ...the 'cat wrangler'...for advice whenever their cats take a walk on the wild side. The truth is I get a kick out of helping other cat lovers build wonderful relationships with their cats by using my training methods.

So when that sweet little freshly weaned kitten comes home and in a short while grows up into Garfield and takes over the house ... there is hope.  Some people claim that cats cannot be trained, Liz Barton has proven otherwise.  In fact there are lots of book out there support this, but I highly recommend Liz's book, "Cat Behavior Secrets" that comes with two surprise bonuses and an iron-clad money back guarantee.

Hold on ... Help is on the way!

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