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Make Cat Food Safe, Natural, and Delicious

How you ever thought of how to make cat food? Maybe you have thought "why would I want to?" Wouldn't it be easier to go to the store and buy a bag of commercial cat food?

There are those people that have noticed that their cats have become couch potatoes or overweight after eating commercial food for a certain period of time.

Many people will tell you that homemade food is much better for your cat, and you should certainly follow their advice.

When preparing your own food in the house, you will immediately notice a new expression upon the face of your feline. You will witness a great difference in their enthusiasm rather than them being the lethargic couch potatoes that they have been for some time.

Not only this, but because of the pet food recalls of 2007 and 2008, there have been thousands of pet owners worried about what goes into commercial pet food. It is thought that commercial cat food also has serious deficits in its nutritional content.

Because there are extreme temperatures involved in the processing plant, saturated animal fats are added to the food to make it taste better. As well as this, coloring, preservatives, and other chemicals are added. Pets begin to get the same problems as humans who consume junk food, when eating commercial food. These health problems include diabetes, obesity, lethargy, and even early death. For this reason, when giving our feline friends commercial cat food, we are slowly killing them.

So, what should be done? We, as pet owners, should make cat food at home, knowing exactly what ingredients are being added.

It is important to remember that cats are natural born hunters, and they would generally eat raw meat, which does in actual fact contain all of the nutrients that they require. Those cat foods that are made in a rendering plant by adding chemicals, coloring, fat and "meat by-products" that do not in actual fact contain any meat, will not, nor will they ever be, a natural diet.

It is greatly important to us as cat owners, to see our felines active, fit and healthy. It is certainly recommended that you take control of your cat's diet and health. Spend a little time and effort and make your own cat food. Do not let your cat die of ignorance.

Therefore, in conclusion give your cat the life that he deserves by ensuring that he is not fed commercial cat food that is full of rubbish. Take the time to make cat food for your feline friend and provide him with a healthy and long life.

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