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Sick Cat Symptoms - Know What to Look For

Always keep a lookout for sick cat symptoms in your pet cat, because it's not wise to ignore these symptoms. You know your cat best. And often if you notice any aberrations in its behavior then it might be a symptom of some disease. Diseases like diabetes affect cats too. And you know your cat is stricken with this disease if it drinks abnormally large quantities of water and empties its bladder all over the place.

Usually animals and men cough, if they have some obstruction in their throats which they want to get rid of. So, whereas, a sudden fit of coughing in your cat is okay, you shouldn't ignore it if it persists for more than a week. Take it to a doctor, for it is a sick cat symptom. It could be an obstruction in his windpipe or something more serious, like pneumonia or bronchitis.

Sick cat symptoms need to be verified and thus your cat needs a check up with its vet. Coughing is not a very innocuous thing, it could indicate apart from bronchial diseases, lung tumor, or even cardiac arrest. Under no circumstances should it be taken lightly.

FIV or feline immunodeficiency virus infection is a cause for serious concern in cats. In common parlance it's called retrovirus. It is a type of virus that the cats' immune defense systems can't detect immediately. Only when they grow in numbers to a large body, they launch an attack on the antibodies of your cat. So it ruins the cat's immune system, and weakens it, so it can't fight against other diseases. This ultimately may cause death, since the cat is unable to fight against diseases.

Sick cat symptoms are very marked in cats that experience this tension between the immune system and the retrovirus. Loss of weight and energy, fever, loss of appetite, swollen lymph nodes are common signs of this disease. This type of disease also heightens the chances of your cat being stricken with leukemia. If your cat evinces any such symptoms, don't waste any more time, take it to the vet and get it tested for FIV.

Cats need as much attention as children, and like we don't ignore the illnesses of our children, we should also pay adequate attention to the health and well being of our cats. Since they cant tell us if they feel ill, we have to keep a look out for sick cat symptoms, so that we are able to provide medical assistance where needed and assure them a healthy and happy life.

Your cat's health may be in trouble. Sick Cat Symptoms [] may signal something that's terribly wrong. Know what to do and how to respond.

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