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Symptoms of Cat Diseases - Know the Truth

It is important that you are aware of how to recognize symptoms of cat diseases to ensure that your cat receives the correct medical attention. Many people are surprised to discover that the anatomy of a cat is much like that of a human. Because they have similar organs and body systems to us, their bodies may be affected with diseases that are similar to the ones that we contract. There are in fact, many cases, whereby the diseases are identical.

One example of this is that there is very little difference between cat asthma and human asthma. It may be surprising to know that the same inhalers are used by humans as are used for the treatment of cats with asthma. Likewise, the symptoms of colds in cats are the same as humans.

Because cats have an anatomy containing gall bladder, heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, stomach, urinary bladder etc they can contract asthma, diabetes when their pancreas malfunctions, heart failure, irritable bowel syndrome when their intestines are inflamed, liver infection or inflammation such as hepatitis, kidney disease, lung cancer, pneumonia, etc. The symptoms of cat diseases are just like human symptoms.

It is of great importance that you, as a cat owner, can identify symptoms of cat diseases while the condition is still early and treatable. This is much better than waiting until it is too late, as I am sure many of you would agree.

Many of the major diseases that cats can get have very similar symptoms. This is especially true when an elderly cat has health problems. However, it is important to remain calm and take your cat to the vet to enable him to match the symptoms with the appropriate disease by undertaking a thorough examination and in most cases a blood test. In some cases it is necessary for the vet to take x-rays, urinalysis, or even an ultrasound. Remember that your cat's chances of recuperation is increased when visiting the vet, as well as the fees that you will have to pay being less rather than if you wait and visit the vet at a later date.

There are really only five things to remember when it comes to the symptoms of cat diseases. These five things are right in front of your eyes. Ask yourself "what are the five things that your cat mainly does?" I think you will agree when I say eat, drink, urinate, defecate, and sleep. These are the five things that you need to monitor. Look out for the following:

o Is your cat eating more or less?
o Is he drinking more or less?
o Is he urinating more or less?
o Is he having more or less bowel movements than normal?
o Has your cat's levels of activity changed?

You should also monitor as to whether he is sleeping more than usual or acting strange when he is awake.

Being aware of the symptoms of cat diseases is vital for the health and happiness of your feline friend.

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