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In recent news for those who live in Rhode Island a law was passed for cat owners. Anyone who has a cat must spay or neuter their cat before they reach six months old. Farmers are excluded from this law. If you fail to comply with the current law there are fines.The governor of Rhode Island spoke about the reasoning behind this law. The bill is necessary to ensure that a lower number of cats will be euthanized in the state of Rhode Island. Many of the cities and towns are experiencing higher than average deaths for cats because there are not enough homes for these pets. The housing and feeding costs are also at an all time high. 2004 showed 1,600 strays were caught and impounded. Of that number less than half were given homes. If a cat owner doesn't want to spay or neuter their pet they must obtain a breeder's license. This license will cost $100. The fee goes towards helping the shelters and humane societies to fund their costs. If a person fails to follow the law a fine of $75 will be instigated.

Vet clinics usually do at least five spay or neuter surgeries in a day. Cats are not the only animals that must go through this surgery to render them incapable of producing off spring. Dogs must also be spayed or neutered. If you do not live in Rhode Island you have the option of whether to render your cat or dog incapable of having off spring. It is important that you discuss every aspect of the surgery and benefits with your vet before you enter in to the agreement. First you will have to give up the pleasure of having puppies or kittens in your home. You must also consider the cost of the surgery. A cat or dog must be under anesthesia before the surgery. There are also pain medications they will need for ten days after the procedure.

When you spay your cat or dog you are removing the uterus and ovaries. In other words spaying is the female version of sterilization. Your cat or dog will go into heat when they are not spayed. This means they have a lovable side to you and other animals. They can also have temperamental issues during this time. During the "heat" phase a cat or dog will seek a mate. Spaying doesn't yield an overweight cat.The reason the uterus is removed is inflammation can occur after a time if it is left in the body. Technically the ovaries carry the eggs, but the uterus can become infected by leaving it in the body.

When you neuter a cat or dog you are castrating them. In other words you are removing the sperm sacks that release the sperm. There are several benefits to neutering your dog or cat including temperament. A dog that has been neutered tends to work better with their handler, especially for a hunter or guard dog. Other benefits include not marking their territory inside or outside the house, and they will not be able to breed.

Not all pets are going to react the same way to surgery. Some pets can take longer to heal after a surgery than others. If you are not going to breed your cat or dog you should have them neutered or spayed by the time they are six months. You shouldn't wait longer than two years. After the surgery has been completed you will need to administer an antibiotic for ten days. This helps keep any infection away. The vet will teach you how to administer the pills as it can be a little difficult. The surgery is usually considered minor, but complications can arise in certain pets. This is why the charge for the surgery can seem a little higher than you would normally think.

For a cat owner cat care, feline care is a top priority. Keeping our pet safe and healthy is a responsibility that requires constant consideration. By being a responsible pet owner we make the lives of our pets happy and healthy. Spaying and neutering your pet is an important part of this process.

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