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Choosing the Perfect Pet Cat

Are you thinking about bringing home a friendly feline friend? If so, there are several things you should keep in mind when deciding upon the type of cat you want to join your family. By giving it some thought before you bring your new pet home, you will be more likely to be happy with your decision and to enjoy its companionship for years to come.

Check Out the Personality

Just like humans, cats come in a variety of different personalities. Some cats are very playful and friendly while others simply like to lounge around. Similarly, some cats are always on the move while others prefer to relax in their owner's lap. Therefore, you will need to decide whether you want a cat that is playful and energetic or if you want one that will curl up on your lap and let you pet it all night.

Of course, you can spend some time with the cat in order to get a better idea of its personality. You can also often get an idea of the personality type simply by looking at the cat. Cats that are heavier, shorter bodied, and broader tend to be more laid back. Those with more slender bodies and longer legs, on the other hand, tend to be more active.

Consider the Age

While kittens are certainly cute and cuddly, they aren't necessarily the best choice for a pet cat. Taking care of a kitten can be a lot of hard work. In addition, kittens tend to be quite destructive, which can be very frustrating at times - particularly if your favorite furniture gets destroyed along the way. Getting a new cat while it is still a kitten can be a good way to bond with your new pet from early on in its life, but getting an adult cat can be less frustrating and can give you a better idea of the personality you will see after you bring your new pet home.

Choose the Right Hair Length

When you explore your options for a pet cat, you will find that there are plenty of longhaired and shorthaired cats to choose from. So, which type is best for you?

While longhaired cats can be quite beautiful, keep in mind that they do require more grooming than shorthaired cats. For some pet owner's the act of grooming the longhaired cat's fur is enjoyable and perceived as one more way to bond with the pet. Others find grooming to be a chore. If you are looking for the option that is best when it comes to shedding, longhaired cats are actually a better choice. No matter how long your cat's hair, it will shed during the summer. Longhair, however, is usually easier to clean out from furniture and clothing than shorthair.

Decide on the Right Number

If you don't already have a cat, you might want to consider getting more than one at a time. While research has shown that single cats can be happy in a household, they tend to be even happier when there is more than one cat in the family. Having another cat in the house also helps reduce the amount of trouble the cat gets in because it is less likely to be bored and seek out mischief.

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