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Cat Pregnancy Symptoms - Know What to Look For

Cat pregnancy symptoms are quite visible just a short while after the cat's mating session. This happens due to the impacts of the progesterone hormone. A cat usually conceives within a short period after mating and right from this time till she weans her newborn 8 weeks old kittens, she remains moody. Her manners alter and so does her temper- all due to the hormonal changes that take place in her body.

In the initial couple or maybe three weeks, you will not be able to notice any specific cat pregnancy symptoms. However, in case you feel that your cat, might be pregnant, then hunch over her stomach and inspect her nipples. Do not even try applying this technique to your partner or your neighbor- well it can end in an entirely varied reaction!

In case your cat is three weeks into her pregnancy, then her nipples will definitely be a radiant pink in color.

Inform your vet. He needs to verify the pregnancy. Once that is verified, you can discuss a healthy "pre" as well as "post" birth program regarding your beloved cat and the newborns. You will have to look for 4-8 new homes for the kittens and you will have just around six weeks to decide on the places. This is of course, after your vet, assures you of the pregnancy of your cat. Also, notice your cat's behavioral patterns and changes in mood and temper during this period.

Initially, the heat cycle ceases. She stops getting into quarrels, she turns quieter as well as more easygoing. She also becomes much more loving and friendly to her keepers. These are basic cat pregnancy symptoms. She hardly moves out of home. She stays back home most of the time and you will notice that even after delivery, she keeps herself close to her kittens.

The hormone, progesterone, calms her down and also lets her feel protected and assured. However, she can pounce and fiercely assault a stranger, if she feels that her kittens might be harmed by the stranger. But she always will begin with just threatening the stranger and only if the stranger keeps moving closer will she pounce. The stranger is then left with no choice but to run.

Well, we know that mothers protect their children fiercely well.

The father does not look after or care for the kittens. Cats are predominantly mother biased species as it is the mother who protects as well as brings up the kittens. The mother, who gives birth, generally, takes care of her litter but other females also look after them in the mother's absence. Whether a kitten will live or not rests completely on the mother's care and concern.

Do not nudge or push her in the fifth week when you notice tiny ball like protrusions in her belly. Be very tender and mild when you touch her. Please ensure that you do not poke her at all- you might just destroy an embryo or even lead to a miscarriage.

The sixth week will have your cat's nipples round and swollen. Actually they are filled with milk that your cat will require to feed her kittens, once they are born. She is accumulating the milk just for them.

No matter what the cat pregnancy symptoms are, allow your cat, to be herself when she is pregnant. In case she is the one who loves strolling out of the house, allow her to do so. But do forbid her to scale heights. She will probably feel that she is just alright and will be able to keep her equilibrium in check. What she will not understand is that she will be unable to do so as the load of her babies has altered her position of equilibrium.

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