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Your First Cat Boarding Experience

What must you do to prepare for your first cat boarding experience? This is the question most often asked. People are somewhat apprehensive if they have never boarded their cat before.

First of all, cats are flexible and adaptable. The younger the cats are, the more easily they adapt. Older cats usually take longer to warm up to cat boarding. But it all depends on the cat (isn't that always the case!). Some older cats just seem to say ho-hum and take it in stride. Others may take a couple of days. Their usual protest is not to eat. But when they get hungry, they will eat.

With the right cat boarding facility, there is usually no problem getting cats to adapt. Personally, I like the challenge of the skeptical cat. It gets extra attention from me. I consider it a personal challenge to win them over. I think any cat boarding facility will have the same approach.

Now what can you do to help ease the transition? First round up some of their favorite toys to take to the cat boarding. Also, if they have a favorite cat bed or blanket with their smells on them, take it along also. Do they have favorite treats? Take those too.

If you are planning an extended trip, you might consider taking your cat in for cat boarding for several 1 or 2 day stays. This lets your kitty get the idea that when it is left for cat boarding, that you will come back for it.

Now you must be forewarned when you come back for your cat. A lot of them just look at you and don't seem very excited. In fact some of them act like they don't want to leave. My suspicion is that it's that old cat logic at work again.....I'll show you....Some of the owners say that their cats pout for a couple of days when they get home. One thing is for sure, cats get the last word in.

The cat boarding experience is usually harder on the cat owner than the cat. With almost everyone having a cell phone today, we encourage owners to call and check in every once in a while. That way we can give an update on how the cat is doing and hopefully relieve the owners anxiety.

Try cat boarding, you may find that cat boarding fills a very important need in your life and gives you the peace of mind when you have to leave your kitty for a few days.

Stan Hjerleid and his wife Mary are co-owners of Happy Cat Retreat for the last 8 years. Stan also raises parrots and Mary is a budding romance writer, in her spare time. They also frequently blog about kitties.

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