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Cat Trees - Perfect For Helping Your Kitty Get Rid of Its Energy

So, the pesky feline of yours has decided that the furniture in your living room is now going to be his personal play area. He is on a tear and just won't stop jumping over everything. But, before you get all mad at him, just stop and answer this question, does he have his own place to play? Probably not, right? For that reason, you can't really blame him and if you really want to save your furniture, simply rely on cat trees. One, or a few if he's really feisty, would be a great investment.

Not quite sure what cat trees are? Well, they have a pretty basic design and yes, they pretty much look like trees as they have a base that supports a center pole with limbs that stick out of it. They can range anywhere from two to three, even four, to five feet in height, making it easy to find one to match that amount of space that you have in your home for one. Generally, they will be crafted out of some sort of wood, sometimes plastic that is thicker, that is then covered in a durable, sturdy fabric with carpeting being the material that is most commonly used. What's nice about them is the fact that they will give your cat one awesome place to jump, scratch, and just play. So, instead of your furniture taking the brunt of your cat's energy, this selection will instead.

In addition to cat trees, there are also other cat furniture options that allow your cat to expel some of its energy. Like, if you want to give your cat the most deluxe place ever to have a good time, then a fantastic selection for you would be a kitty gym. This is similar to a cat tree, but it has way more features including juxtaposing limbs, perches where your cat could even take a nap if he wants to, and some will even have ramps and hanging toys built right into them. Now, if you are short on space, but want to give your cat a nice place where it can scratch, then a scratching post is what you're looking for. And, one great option is one that has a sisal rope.

If you think that cat trees, and any of the other cat furniture, is a good investment, a great way to browse the different available selections is by foregoing that trip to the pet store and instead just plunk yourself down in front of the family computer to do some online shopping. Browsing through the multiple online stores is easy so you can find the best prices on what you want to buy. And, it will also be sent right to you at your home. Talk about convenient.

When it comes to that pesky feline of yours, if you want to keep him from destroying your furniture, make sure that cat trees are something that you take the time to buy. If you don't, you're going to end up with a mess in your home.

Author Jennifer Akre, owner of many sites dedicated to indoor and outdoor home decor product and information, provides online consumers with advice on purchasing the perfect cat furniture and coziest cat houses for your finicky feline.

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