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Dead Sea Products Helped My Cat to Get Rid of Chronic Itchy Bumps

Girrgles is a 7 year old miniature Bombay cat. Along with her personable style, she was born and has lived with multiple health problems. One of the worst was these itchy bumps that appeared in the warmer months on her head, ears, and chin area. Spent a lot of time, money and worthless trips to the pet's office, so he could guess at what it was or how to fix it.

Thousands of dollars later she still had the problem, and I tried other breeder's suggestions, nothing worked. Lucky for me I have an old relative from the home land in Israel, who was visiting a weekend here. She laughed at the itchy bumps, and said she had something in her over night bag that would cure the problem. I had to laugh back, what could my 90 year old aunt know or even have that would take care of Girrgles itchy spots?

She gave me a strange bottle with what she called the miracle mud of the world, and said soak her in this every day till the bottle was empty, she would send more when she got back home. So I did what she suggested, and Yetta was right, it cured to problem in a few days, she quit digging, the bumps disappeared, and when they do come back every year or so, they are gone is less than a day.

My aunt said the old ways work, not the modern crap of drugs, and potions. When I asked what it was, I was shocked that it was mud and salts from the Dead Sea, a place where my aunt goes monthly to stock up on her medications. That's why she has clear skin, looks 60 and not 90 and has no health problems, the secrets of the Dead Sea are everything. It worked for her and it worked for my cat.

This is a true story of one of our clients. offers the original Dead Sea Products for unbeatable prices.

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